We're very happy to announce that TapTape is now live!

We've been working on a platform that provides musicians with financial flexibility and artistic freedom, and that recognizes fans for the real value they bring to creative ventures. The best way to do that is to enable supporters and creators to benefit together from the success of a project.

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What Killer Mike Taught Us about Race and "Isms" at MIT

It’s 5PM. We are now on hour 5 of what is supposed to be a 4 hour bus ride to Boston from NYC. I check my Maps app and it’s telling me we are still an hour outside of Boston. Great, I’m going to be late and I hate being late. And then, all of a sudden, I hear yelling. I lowkey turn down my music and try to listen to what’s going on. It’s a passenger screaming at no one in particular. He’s loudly ranting on about how we haven’t stopped for a restroom or food break, how this is the longest bus ride to Boston ever, how he was going to choke the bus driver and so forth except with a lot more expletives.

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Young Guru at MIT - My inside view on the important things we learned

At around 1pm on Friday, March 6th I had the unique opportunity to welcome the Legendary Young Guru to MIT. I didn’t realize quite how legendary he is until later that night when we began counting which of the songs that were playing he was involved in. Within about 50 minutes the DJ played 15 tracks that Guru had a hand in. That’s right, that is pretty much every single track the DJ played in that timespan.

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